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According to Steam Database, 40,411 accounts were detected to be cheating by Valve's Anti-Cheat (VAC) tool, soon after Steam's summer sale had ended. It appears that a ton of people were caught up in this as thousands of accounts were just banned.

Cheating has got to be one of the most annoying peeves in any industry, not only gaming. This is the largest amount of single-day bans from the auto-detection system.

The last record Valve ban saw over 15,000 user accounts facing a ban due to cheating past year in October and the current ban is more than triple this number. Already on 7 July, the ban received a total of 954 user on Steam, and today - and at 788.

In addition to the 40,411 accounts picked up by VAC, 4,972 were banned in-game for throwing games, griefing or cheating in ways that got around Valve's Anti-Cheat software. Cheaters have been an unrelenting force, especially during the summer, in Dota 2 and even more prominently in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive because of this cheap workaround. According to tracking site Vac-Ban, the bans resulted in a loss of nearly $10,000 in cosmetic skins and other digital items. This information comes from Steamdb, where you can see a steady graph of bans each day - and the graph for July 6 shows a massive spike.

The time of the ban and the end of the sale is not o-incidental but intentional, reported Dot Esports.

According to VAC-ban, this has lead to over $9,500 in cosmetics inventory being consigned to the trash can of Valve's servers, as they were rendered useless in the process.

Apart from those VAC bans, 4,972 more users were banned.