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After a long 12 months, patience has finally paid off as Free Slurpee Day is here once again.

7-Eleven is inviting customers to celebrate it's 90th birthday on July 11, which the convenience store company calls "7-Eleven Day", by enjoying a free small Slurpee drink. This year is also a milestone for the brand, so expect some serious fanfare.

There is a new Slurpee flavor this year: Cotton Candy. Slurpee purchases also will count toward the ongoing Buy 6-Get 7th Free 7Rewards offer, according to the retailer. Once 7 are purchased, 11 free coupons will appear in "Scan and Save" section of the app.

Follow Delish on Instagram. Deadline to receive 11 free Slurpee drinks is August 31. So get ready to bring your whole office slurps this week, they'll thank you later.

7-Eleven introduced its frozen carbonated beverage in 1966.

The most Slurpee drinks have been sold in Detroit.

Slurpees are served at 28 degrees.

40% of Slurpee sales take place June to August.

Slurpee drinks olds at 7-Eleven in a year equal 44 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Find a 7-Eleven in your area by using the store locator here.