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Ford will continue investigating all reports from its police customers, including the exhaust manifold issue referenced by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Numerous complaints came from police departments, which use the Police Interceptor version of the Explorer in patrol fleets.

The possible carbon monoxide exposure in the SUVs has been an ongoing issue for the Austin Police Department.

The issue with the Ford Explorers has been known for months, but CBS News reports that over the weekend, federal regulators expanded their investigation, impacting around 1.3 million vehicles.

So far, Ford has only stated it will pay to fix all police vehicles with the issue, but denies that any elevated carbon monoxide levels have been found in the standard model.

NHTSA says that more than 2,700 complaints have been filed by those concerned they've been exposed to carbon monoxide while in the vehicles.

Austin's police department isn't the only one to have been impacted by faulty vehicles.

In a statement, the city said the vehicles will not go back into service until they are "confident the risk to our employees has been eliminated".

However, NHTSA has not definitively linked injury reports to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Ford Motor Co. responded by promising to fix the vehicles, even as it continues to investigate the cause of the problem.

It's a problem that's led to almost 400 similar Explorers parked in Austin, Texas, where dozens of officers have reported health problems.

The process to change over the vehicles starts Saturday as teams from the City's Fleet and IT departments begin removing computers, weapons, and other equipment from the Explorer Interceptors.

Champaign, Urbana and University of IL police said they have also installed detectors in vehicles, but no elevated levels have been found.

The NHTSA announced Thursday it is expanding its investigation into carbon monoxide problems with Ford Explorers. However, Ford says they have discovered holes and unsealed spaces in the back of some of the interceptor units that had police equipment installed after leaving Ford's factory. Customers also can call a dedicated hotline at 888-260-5575.

"Safety is our top priority", Weigandt said.

Ford said the concerns are isolated just to Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles, and that drivers of regular, non-police Ford Explorers have no reason to be concerned.