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The announcement came from the website on Friday after the Latin American hit clocked up nearly three billion views (2,993,786,682), overtaking previous record holder See You Again, by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth for the Furious 7 movie soundtrack.

The video was uploaded on YouTube in January 2017 and took only 7 months to break the record. It only took 7 months to reach the historic number, that means it has been watched almost 15 million times every day, or 170 times per second. The video is now the first one to ever cross 3 billion views.

It held the crown for five years until "See You Again" surpassed it, but Khalifa and Puth's tune wasn't the only contender to seize the top slot.

In mid-July, "Despacito", performed by puerto rican singer Luis Fonsi had already become the song most played in streaming all the time. Now, Khalifa & Puth's song was ousted by Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee's infectious song "Despacito".

"Thank you YouTube for the Despacito success". Daddy Yankee' has claimed the title for itself. "I recognize the influence that the platform has", he said. The audio remix featuring Justin Bieber, also on Fonsi's channel, had almost 470 million views. The music industry [has] changed.