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A naked man died Wednesday after falling from a crane at the Port of Los Angeles following a weird, high-speed chase and an hours-long standoff.

A auto theft suspect climbed a gantry crane at the Port of Los Angeles, but later fell to his death.

About 8:10 p.m. the suspect plunged about 160 feet and was pronounced dead at the scene, according to Amy Bastman of the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The man has not been identified at this time.

Officials did not immediately know where he lived.

Authorities began chasing the unidentified man after they say he took a vehicle from a San Bernardino dealership on Wednesday morning, and drove erratically at speeds of up to 90 miles per hour.

Later, Long Beach police found the vehicle and chased it before the SUV ended up at the port, where the driver could be seen weaving in and out of lanes, according to the aerial footage.

Earlier, the man had removed all of his clothing while perched atop crane 87, which skies more than 100 feet high inside the West Basin Shipping Terminal. He broke a window and climbed into the crane cab, then climbed out, walked to the end of the crane over water as darkness fell.

Port spokeswoman Rachel Campbell said port police launched an investigation "into all circumstances regarding Wednesday evening's incident, including the security breach at the container terminal".

"This thorough review, including protocols necessary to address improvements, will be completed as soon as possible", the statement said. He was in a "very precarious position" on the crane, Sanfield said. He spent hours atop the structure, stretching, doing handstands, dangling and eventually taking off his clothes as police negotiators tried to talk him down before he fell, ABC 7 in Los Angeles reported. He dangled and almost fell several times before eventually plunging to the ground.

"Our officers were nowhere near to close proximity of the suspect at the time that he fell", Detective Meghan Aguilar told The Associated Press.

Police said the man is suspected of stealing a vehicle.

"I let him be, because he seemed on edge", Nosser told KNBC-TV. "The suspect somehow got the key and just drove off in the vehicle".