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The $499 Radeon Red Pack gets you all that plus the RX Vega 56, the $599 Radeon Black Pack comes with the air-cooled RX Vega 64 and the $699 Radeon Aqua Pack gets you a life size Aquaman collectable with karate-chop action. Many PC gamers who owned those cards prior to the mining boom have sold them at a profit to miners, with more than a few choosing to wait for the RX Vega launch to pop a new GPU into their systems.

A short explainer video concerning the High Bandwidth Cache Controller, with Nick Thibieroz and Raja Koduri, Ubisoft and Bethesda. RX Vega 54 is priced at $ 399 with the air-cooled RX Vega priced at $499. With the Radeon Pro SSG, AMD set out to solve those obstacles with a fundamental shift in the science of PC technology, with high-speed, high-capacity NVMe devices onboard the graphics card.

AMD's new Vega-based Radeon Pro products support a feature called Radeon Pro Security thanks to the inclusion of AMD's Secure Processor on the Vega 10 die.

AMD has finally launched its consumer-focused Vega-based graphics cards, but offering performance more-or-less on a par with Nvidia's 10-series graphics cards, rather than the major leap that many had been expecting. Compared to the AMD FirePro W9100 the Radeon Pro WX 9100 runs models more than twice as fast, delivering over 2.6X the peak throughput-per-clock. AMD even hired Linus from linustechtips to do an unboxing at the SIGGRAPH event to show off the new card in an attempt to dazzle the masses with their shiny new piece of hardware whilst restricting people from actually testing the cards hoping that people would not notice the underwhelming performance of the card.

Will you be buying an RX Radeon Vega? AMD will also be selling bundle packs that include a pair of games (Prey, Wolfenstein 2) plus money off coupons for their CPUs and FreeSync monitors.

AMD also confirmed the existence of a third member of its upcoming Ryzen Threadripper enthusiast CPU lineup. AMD hasn't published detailed benchmark results, but it has cherry-picked one key statistic - the Vega family will offer a minimum of 53fps when running games on an ultra-wide 1440p monitor.

AMD appears to be betting on this scenario as the company made the difference between its FreeSync and nVidia's G-Sync experiences a focal point during recent RX Vega demos.

Meanwhile, AMD reveals that Vega 64 will arrive the market in between 53 fps to 76 fps. For comparison, the United States price for the GTX 1070 is $399 and the GTX 1080 will set you back $549.