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In September 2016, he had celebrated his Bar Mitzvah, one of the most important ceremonies in judaism, of which he had been deprived of a century earlier.

THE world's oldest man, an Israeli Auschwitz survivor who lost his wife and two children in the Holocaust, passed away on Friday - a month before his 114th birthday.

Kristal's death on Friday came a year after he was recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest living man.

Kristal was born to an Orthodox Jewish family near the town of Zarnow in Poland.

Israel Kristal was orphaned shortly after the end of the First World War and moved to Lodz, Poland to work in his family's confectionary business.

Yisrael Kristal, 113, was certified a year ago by Guinness World Records as the oldest man alive. He continued operating the business after the Nazis forced the city's Jews into a ghetto, where Kristal's two children died.

Mr Kristal's wife was murdered in Auschwitz but he survived, performing slave labour in that and other camps. When he was found by Soviet liberating forces, he weighed just 37 kilograms (81 pounds).

According to Tablet Mag, he thanked the Soviet soldiers who rescued him by making them candies.

He remarried and has been survived by two children, nine grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren, reports news site Ynet.

Oren Kristal said his grandfather gave no explanation as to the secret behind his incredible longevity.

"Despite all that he went through, and he lost the whole family in the Holocaust, he had a lot of optimism, and he always saw only light and good in everything", his daughter said, the BBC reported.