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It will honor Apple's 10th-anniversary smartphone and be the first to have wireless charging, as well.

The report pointed out that users can change apps or go back to the home screen and if proven true, Apple would have cooked up all sorts of logical interactions for this software bar. The other two models, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, will deliver only minor upgrades over last year's models. Pricing is based on phone size as well as its storage capacity.

Basically, you're paying for a new laptop.

Apple might remove the iconic physical home button of the device and replace it with a virtual button. It's a pressure-sensitive sensor with a "taptic engine" that simulates the feeling of a pushed button. Users will use gestures at the bottom of the iPhone 8 display to do things like close apps, navigate back to the home screen, and open multitasking. The video appeared on Softpedia and shows an iPhone 8 lookalike running a possible custom ROM of iOS 11. The iPad also recently gained an app menu reminiscent of OS X's dock. It claims that users will drag this bar to the middle of the device to unlock it. In addition, developers uncovered various references to facial recognition technology, including evidence describing different facial expressions the phone may be able to recognise, according to The Verge. Moving that, or creating an extra step to get to it, would be a big change. As noted, Apple inspires so many small and big companies around the world that copies the design, look and feel and even the user interface of Apple devices.

However, there is a slight problem there; the headquarters campus isn't finished yet, it's implied the part the firm wants to use for the launch might be ready in time, but also may not, it's up in the air. And there's a potential safety issue here as well.

Gurman also reveals a few more details about the hardware: The display has rounded corners, but it doesn't have curved sides a la the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Note 8.

Most of us slow down as we age. The App Switcher has been redesigned, too, and it'll look like a grid of active windows instead of stacked cards, like it is now (similar to what Android did in Nougat).

There have been rumors that Apple is going to remove the Home button from the iPhone 8 to make way for its larger display. The Apple Watch supports wireless charging through the consortium's Qi charging standard, but is incompatible with other existing wireless chargers. The so-called notch houses a number of important sensors for biometric authentication, as well as the phone's front-facing camera, but many were hoping that Apple would opt to to hide the notch by blending it with a dark status bar.

The handful of images also showed the upcoming iPhone 8 with rear-placed Touch ID placed directly below the Apple logo. This is according to sources that have seen a test version of iOS 11 running on the iPhone 8.

Today, we've got a fresh, alleged iPhone 8 related image for you.