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China has been ramping up rhetoric against India over the last few weeks demanding immediate withdrawal of Indian troops from Dokalam.

Bhutan and China have held 24 rounds of talks to resolve boundary dispute, while India and China have completed 19 rounds of talks.

India has increased the number of troops along its northeastern border with China, reports said on Friday (Aug 11), amid a tense standoff between Delhi and Beijing over a strategically key Himalayan plateau.

The troop enhancement happened in most of the deployment positions under these corps, which moved 10-15% of their troops closer to the disputed Sino-Indian border, as the rhetoric from China was getting shriller day by day, sources said. The military alert level has been raised as a matter of caution, two sources in New Delhi and in Sikkim told Reuters on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter. The claim has reportedly been strongly denied by Bhutan.

The stand-off started in June when Chinese soldiers tried to unilaterally change the status quo in the strategically important Doklam region of Bhutan by building a road in the area.

India sends its troops onto "operational alert" every year in the fall - but this year the state has been activated early. Bhutan and India are signatories of a "Friendship Treaty", and so India intervened on their smaller ally's behalf. "But at the same time, mobilisation of men and material on both sides is on and no quarter is being yielded", the sources said.

Also, India insisted that China should stop constructing roads and remove all earth moving equipment.

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said this week in parliament that the military is ready to meet any challenge to the country's security and that India has learnt lessons on being under-prepared from the 1962 war which was fought over Arunachal Pradesh and delivered a humiliating defeat to Delhi.