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Aston Martin has pledged to give every one of its models a hybrid option in less than 10 years, despite offering precisely none today.

Aston Martin chief executive Dr. Andy Palmer has announced that the British sports vehicle brand will electrify its entire product range by the mid 2020s, becoming the latest auto manufacturer to pledge a hybrid and all-electric future.

Of course, those looking for some standard engine will not be left stranded.

He also added that Aston Martin will be working on their own electric motor instead of sourcing it from a supplier and they have all the intention of keeping it in-house.

Palmer also told the FT that Aston Martin will develop its electric motor technology internally, rather than borrowing it from technical partner Mercedes-Benz (which now supplies the company with some electronics as well as a V8 engine). A year later, Aston Martin will introduce a pure electric version of its Rapide sedan. Aston Martin CEO, Andy Palmer has revealed that by the mid-2020s all of its models will be powered by a hybrid powertrain.

"You need to keep core technology inside the company", said Dr. Palmer.

We certainly hope this doesn't mean that Aston is set to retire the V12 engine, a hybrid V12 we could live with, no V12 at all would upset Aston purists.

Further out, Aston Martin plans to offer an increasing number of pure electric cars. The company made a profit of $27.3 million (£21.1 million) from revenues of $529.7 million (£410.4 million) for the first half of the year, a huge turnaround compared to the same period in 2016, which saw losses of $106.3 million and revenues of just $273.5 million.