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Omarosa Manigault, former Apprentice victor and current Donald Trump aide, appeared on a panel about police brutality at the National Association of Black Journalists convention in New Orleans on Friday, and it was, in Trumpspeak, the greatest panel in the history of panels. The veteran White House reporter alleged on CNN comrade Angela Rye's podcast that Manigault - who works in the public liaison office - had tried to sabotage her career.

During a panel-moderated by journalist Ed Gordon-that delved into the tarnished relationship between police officials and communities of color, she was questioned about how she is using her platform as an aide in Trump's administration to help the African American community, the outlet writes.

As the beef went on. video begins to play in the background showing Trump's recent comments encouraging cops to rough up people they arrest. Several people in the audience, which included non-journalists, turned their backs in protest during the discussion.

When she was pressed and hectored about "why she'd [taken] a job in an administration seen by many in the room as hostile to African Americans", Manigault reportedly reminded the audience "you don't walk away from the table". When Gordon, according to news reports, requested that he be able to finish his question, Manigault-Newman said, "I don't want to hear your question". Manigault-Newman shot back, later suggesting Gordon was trying to "walk all over" her. "You inform them of what's going on in the community so they can be an advocate".

Keeping up with her reputation for awkward encounters, Manigault-Newman apparently uttered "Google me", when taken to task on her actual position in the administration. "She went OFF, said that she was offended that anyone would belittle what she went through ..." At one point, Manigault, a former star on Trump's "Apprentice" TV show, asked, "Is this a panel or is this just me?"

"It's not a mess", she said.

While Manigault-Newman admitted Trump's remarks were not appropriate, she also took civil rights activists to task for refusing to meet with the president. She claimed she was there to talk about her personal experience with violence, as some of her family members have been murdered.

NABJ President Sarah Glover at one point faced the audience herself to explain Manigault-Newman's appearance at the conference.