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With an upcoming holiday weekend health officials are cautioning people about an increase in West Nile VIrus (WNV) activity in Dane County.

Joe Lynch, program manager for vector control and nuisances for the county board of health, said he couldn't release more details on the affected individual.

While the Guelph cases were the first among humans this year, three mosquito pools in Guelph tested positive and a bird was confirmed to have the virus in July.

A single human case at one location may not be the result of infected mosquitoes in that specific area. When humans and other mammals, such as horses, are bitten by infected mosquitoes they may also become infected with WNV. Are there infected mosquitos flying around?

Public Health Inspector Stephanie Carlisle says this is usually the time of year many communities will find mosquitoes carrying the virus.

The best way for people to protect themselves against West Nile is to minimize their risk of mosquito bites by doing things like wearing light-coloured clothing and long-sleeved shirts, and using mosquito repellents containing DEET or icaridin.

The majority of people (80 percent) who are infected with West Nile virus do not get sick.

Public health officials have warned this could be a bad summer for West Nile virus.