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A jury found Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, of Grayson Street, guilty of attempted murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime following a two-day trial at the Hampton County Courthouse. Orr received maximum sentences.

Officer Quincy Smith was called to investigate a suspicious man trying to snatch groceries from a convenience store in the small town of about 2,000 people.

Orr was spotted walking away from the store and fit the description of the suspect, leading Smith to order him to stop.

Amazingly, despite suffering two broken arms and a "life-threatening injury", he survived. Another female, who also appears to know Smith, arrives and says a prayer for the wounded officer. "Come here! You better stop - if you don't", Smith repeats, while moving toward Orr. Smith tried to threaten the man with his stun gun.

Smith can be heard on the recording telling an emergency dispatcher, "Tell my family that I love them".

The Fourteenth Circuit Solicitor's Office shared the entire video taken on Officer Smith's glasses.

The solicitor's office says at least two of the eight rounds were fired while Smith was lying on the ground and another two were fired as Smith ran for cover, back to his parked patrol vehicle.

"Take your hands out of your pocket!" the officer can be heard saying in the footage.

Bystander: Just your neck man. His sentence was 35 years in prison.

Smith pursues Orr in his patrol auto and gets out to confront him. I don't know. Where are you shot at?

His hands can be seen covered in blood as he desperately radios for help, and shortly after he is assisted by a man identifying himself as J Tompkins, who pleads: 'Stay with me'.

"I had nightmares sometimes, stuff like that, about the incident", Smith said. A paramedic removes Smith's glasses and moves them aside as Thompkins speaks with another officer as they develop a plan to pursue Orr.

But Smith said he forgives Orr - and even prays for him and his family. He told WJCL TV that he has nightmares about that day, but that he still hopes to return to work sometime early next year.