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"What's more, India "is building roads, hoarding supplies and deploying a large number of armed forces on the Indian side of the boundary", which also "is by no means for peace", he said". But that could be tough.

However, he did not confirm or deny Chinese contention that India was given prior notice over the construction of the road in Dokalam near the Sikkim sector, saying, it will not be correct to give details of all diplomatic interactions.

Urging Indian troops to withdraw immediately, Ren said India should "abandon any illusion" of delaying tactics, and not underestimate the Chinese military's confidence in and ability to defend peace. "And any shooting that begins on the border could even expand into other domains like cyber- or naval warfare". Talks are happening behind the scenes, but with little apparent progress. Point 13 of the common understanding states that "The tri-junction boundary points between India, China and third countries will be finalised in consultation with the concerned countries". Both sides have failed to fix the issue since then.

Governments of both the People's Republic of China and post-independence India inherited the convention. However during an official briefing of the Ministry for External Affairs, the issue was not discussed. Azhar had been involved in carrying out terror activities against India, and this was a well-known fact, said Baglay. Asked about specifics of the diplomatic channels, he said, "I am not prepared to go into the domain of diplomatic interactions". China is adamant about its stance on Doklam-make no mistake about it.

Geng said the action of the Indian side amounts to that of "irresponsibility and recklessness". The article said that the People's Liberation Army (PLA) can easily and effectively destroy Indian troops at Doklam.

"Our stand is that we maintain restraint in language and keep patience and engage in diplomacy. So, a solution will definitely emerge if we engage in dialogue on bilateral relations", Swaraj said in Rajya Sabha on Friday, August 4.

Bhutan, since issuing a demarche to Beijing, has kept mum. "It doesn't want anything to affect the atmosphere", the diplomat said.

China and India have always been suspicious of each other, a legacy of the 1962 border war, India's playing host to exiled Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama and China's close relations with India's regional rival Pakistan. "India's recklessness has shocked Chinese".

His comments also come after Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval met his Chinese counterpart on the sidelines of a BRICS summit of NSAs from the member countries.

"As the turf war between India and China unfolds, all eyes seem to be (as expected) on the future course of relations of the world's two most populous countries".