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Consumer Reports pulled its recommendations for the 128GB and 256GB version of the Surface Laptop, along with the 128GB and 512GB versions of the Surface Book.

They conducted a survey of 90,000 Surface users and have found out that 25% face problems with their devices within two years of usage.

Several Microsoft products have performed well in CR labs, including the new Microsoft Surface Pro, which earned Very Good or Excellent scores in multiple CR tests. Consumer Reports bases its predictions for reliability on historic reports from older devices, then uses that to project how new hardware will hold up.

Consumer Reports is withdrawing its recommendation for four Microsoft laptops and tablets after a survey showed that a quarter of them pose problems for their owners after only two years. Beyond its annual 65-year-old consumer survey, Consumer Reports bases its findings on actual product testing done by engineers and technicians with "years and sometimes decades of expertise in their field", the group explained on its website. Consumer Reports also said it won't recommend other Microsoft laptops or tablets because of "poor predicted reliability in comparison to most other brands".

The Surface series is Microsoft's flagship laptop lineup, but the product has gotten major criticism from a notable source. Apple laptops and tablets came out on top in Consumer Reports' reliability surveys.

Consumer Reports recently conducted a survey of almost 91,000 people who bought new laptops and tablets between 2014 and the beginning of 2017. Of course, a Microsoft representative provided Consumer Reports with a public statement via email. There are millions of these folks, and many of them supply us with information on hundreds of thousands of individual products, including everything from pickup trucks to washing machines.

In earlier lab tests that measure factors such as display quality, battery life, speed and ergonomics, Surface devices were ranked highly by Consumer Reports. Frozen computers, unexpected shutdowns and unresponsive screens were noted as complaints. It appears that they have briefed a few news outlets, and Microsoft, ahead of publication.