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The laws require anymore who is entering a venue in a Safe Night Precincts after 10pm to have their ID scanned.

On Tuesday, the prince's entry refusal was one of the subjects in Queensland Parliament.

Only problem with that, is that publicans have pointed out the fact that the scanners required by the laws are both exorbitantly expensive - costing some $8,000 each - and carry the tiny issue of not being able to fit most foreign passports, meaning scores of tourists, backpackers, and foreign workers have been turned away from pubs in Brisbane since the law came into effect on July 1st.

Grace Grace, who leads three Queensland state ministries, told the newspaper that the liquor law applies to princes and paupers alike: "People need to be scanned".

"No, if there has been any embarrassment sadly it has been misinformation that is now in the public view", he said. The royal had dignitary protection unit officers with him, but they were wearing civilian clothes.

"Our officers who were part of the security detail simply followed normal protocol in ensuring his safety, the safety of the Queensland public, and the enjoyment of everyone on that particular evening."

"Their first concern was - they're dealing with plain-clothes guys with guns and someone they don't recognise", he said.

Usually if we get rejected from a club then we'll call it quits, get some wicked wings and go home.

The head police officer showed his card, it was photographed, and sent to the co-owner, but Prince Frederik was still not identified.

After finally gaining entry, Prince Frederik broke away from the security detail and fronted up to the bar on his own.

Prior to Saturday, the prince had mostly had positive experiences at Australia's taverns: Heck, he met Mary Donaldson (left in photo), a 28-year-old Tasmanian-born advertising and real estate specialist (and the future crown princess of Denmark), while sipping at the Slip Inn bar in Sydney during the 2000 Olympic Games.

When he eventually made it to the bar, Crown Prince Frederik reportedly told the barman: "I'll have a Dark and Stormy [a dark rum cocktail]".