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Preparations for Ganesh Chaturthi are on at Bohra Ganesh ji temple, Pracheen Paala Ganesh ji, Jaada Ganesh ji, Mava Ganesh ji, Dudhiya Ganesh ji, Sarv Siddhi Vinayak and other Ganesha temples. It is celebrated as the Birth Anniversary of Lord Ganesh which is celebrated by Hindus in India and all over the world.

The Ganeshotsav will begin on August 25 and will end on September 5 this year.

Ganesha Chaturthi is also observed in Nepal and by the Hindu diaspora elsewhere such as in the Trinidad, Suriname, Fiji, Mauritius, United States and Europe (such as in Tenerife, Spain).

Lord Ganesha is associated with power, wisdom, prosperity, good luck, removal of obstacles, and resolution of complex situations. For years, I had witnessed the celebrations in Mumbai and I am glad to bring the song "Ganpati Bappa", released by Times Music.

The Lord Ganesha's festival will be of 10 days when on the very first day the sthapana will be there and on the last day devotees will immersed Ganpati Bappa in water with the narration Ganpati Bappa Moriya. The Lord Ganesha is also worshiped in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Nepal, and China. According to a legend, Lord Krishna looked at the moon during Ganesh Chaturthi and was cursed leading him to be falsely accused of stealing the precious jewel Syamantaka.

Despite rise in rates of Ganesh idols, matoli items, candies and other basic requisites for celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu households are celebrating the festival with full fervor which began on Friday. On the day Ganesh Chaturthi, the Puja for the idol of Lord Ganesha should be done with the Puja things where the idol is decorated with flowers. It is believed that lord Ganesha is fond of Modaks which is prepared by her mother.

If you take home a stone and worship it in full faith, over a course of time you are bound to see the image of Ganesh. Parvati was heart-broken and to appease her, Lord Shiva fixed an elephant's head on the child and thus, the elephant-headed Ganesha came into being.