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The phrasing comes from the well-known "God, Country, Corps" saying used by United States marines.

The Trump White House has already seen its fair share of visual protests, from puppets to a giant "Resist" banner unfurled from a crane. He retweeted a New York Times article about why the chicken was near the White House and made sure to slip his two cents in for good measure.

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A large inflatable chicken with Donald Trump-like hair was situated on the ellipse facing 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. on Wednesday.

Don Chicken has previously made appearances at a tax march in San Francisco, California and near Trump Tower in NY.

A statue similar to this puffy poultry was created last year in China to celebrate the year of the rooster.

Taran Singh Brar, a documentary filmmaker, installed the 30-foot "Chicken Don" balloon between the official residence of the US President and the famous Washington Monument on Wednesday, Washington Examiner reported.

Brar added that he had obtained a permit for the installation of the balloon. He told FOX 5's Ronica Cleary he has named this massive chicken similarly to the names that Trump has previously used during his presidential campaign such as "Little Marco" and "Lyin' Ted".

Twitter users quickly took to the social media to post dozens of images of the "irate-looking fowl".

According to The Hill, the inflatable chicken is modeled after a statue unveiled as the mascot for a Chinese mall in December.

Sadly, Trump is, indeed, visiting one of his properties right now on what he claims is a working vacation.