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The memo, written by former Google search engineer James Damore, addresses the biological differences between men and women that are generally responsible for the differences in male-to-female ratios within the company, which are often inaccurately blamed on gender bias.

In his ten-page screed, titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber," Damore complained that Google was alienating conservative employees by focusing on diversity initiatives like lessening the wage gap.

Triggered by a troubling question from her daughter, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki issued a public response to a controversial memo that argued biology prevents women from being as successful as men in the tech industry.

"Clearly there's a lot more to discuss as a group", he wrote. However, recent events indicate that some of Google's (male) software engineers might have a hard time grasping the fact that it's the twenty-first century.

"In an email to CBS News, Damore said was "...wrongfully terminated" ...for "perpetuating gender stereotypes". It's now being reported that James was sacked from Google for "perpetuating gender stereotypes" (among other things).

What's more, his dismissal doesn't solve Google's diversity problem. His Harvard Ph.D. aside, Damore's rant argued that "gender gaps [do not always] imply sexism" as well as that "discriminating just to increase the representation of women in tech" is "misguided and biased" and "unfair, divisive, and bad for business".

Google told AFP that the company "can't comment on individual employee cases".

The U.S. Department of Labor is now investigating whether Google pays women less than men. He further wrote that capacity of men and women differdue to biological causes and this elucidates why there is an unequal graph of women in tech and leadership. He also stated that more than 12 women claimed that the pay disparity played a role in their decision to leave the company.

Over the weekend, the company distanced itself from the memo via a letter sent to employees by Google's diversity chief Danielle Brown, who wrote that the memo was not a viewpoint that the "company endorses, promotes or encourages". Pichai acknowledged that the memo had impacted employees some of whom he said are hurting because they feel their being judged based only on gender.

In a rebuttal to Google's move to fire Damore, Julian Assange has publically offered the Google engineer a job at Wikileaks stating that "Censorship is for losers" in his tweet and attaching a link to an extract from his book "When Google met Wikileaks". So, now Google be at the centre of a debate about both range and freedom of expression.