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Google announced yesterday a new Play Store search and ranking algorithm that takes into account an Android application's performance metrics.

On the Google Play Store about the app stability problems, the impetus for this change came after Google realised that around half of the 1-star reviews. It's Google's very own "how to succeed in Android app development" guide, and it's free on Google Play.

Google has revealed it taking steps to try to reduce the amount of crappy apps which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Earlier this month, Google announced a new security feature called Google Play Protect which aims to keep Android apps safe from malware and other security threats. According to the Android Developers Blog, disgruntled consumers cite a lack of app stability and recurring bugs as reasons for leaving a negative review. If an app doesn't meet these requirements, it will be shown lower in search results compared with similar apps that do, and will also be demoted in discovery algorithms (like the "Similar apps" section, for example).

Google said that they are working to develop a variety of "quality signals" related to an app's performance to determine its new ranking.For example, now it will take into accounts stuffs like app crashes, battery usage, how many uninstalls the app and other things. To counter this, Google, using its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning is looking to persuade developers to enable apps with seamless functioning.

"Developers who focus on app quality can see improvements in their rating, and ultimately their retention and monetization".

Google said the new algorithm is already in place although it hasn't revealed specifics regarding the new ranking system. The bad Android apps are those that crash a lot when they are launched and includes apps with a low user rating as well. Find out how crowdtesting can ensure your digital product works in the real world.