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Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. These references have first appeared in version 7.0, but now there's a lot more information about Bisto, which is apparently a code name for headphones that run Google's Assistant. In a bid to compete against Apple's AirPods, Google could be working on its own smart headphones, if a recent report is to be believed.

Google could be about to enter the audio market in a big way with a pair of headphones sporting smart capabilities akin to Apple's AirPods.

However, it does appear there is no "always-on" microphone, meaning users can not engage with the assistant with a customary wake-up phrase as "Okay Google".

The data mining brought up the following code: "Your headphones have the Google Assistant". The device will be able to read notifications, and users will be able to access the Google Assistant and ask questions, similar to the way they can do with their phone, or a Google Home speaker. At that time, it was speculated as portable audio device.

Features being tested on the Google Assistant-powered headphones include voice search and commands, notification playback, and direct reply for messages. As per the teardown, users would have to go through the standard process to setup Google Assistant on the headphone. To hear them, press and hold the top button.

But even as that product failed, it now seems that Google has chose to take on the idea and it might just work, thanks to Google Assistant integration. Last year, Google held a hardware event in October to officially unveil the Pixel phone as well as the Google Home and Google Wifi products.

Meanwhile, Google Home Mini is expected to be even more affordable than the $129 Google Home and could help the company rival Amazon's offering that retails at $179.