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We hope that Google has a few interesting tricks to show when revealing their Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL or else their new smartphones won't be very attractive on the phone market.

Ever since its release in October 2016, the Pixel has been a hard phone to buy, and it's often been out of stock on Google's Store. Apart from this, the latest report adds that these smartphones will not have thin bezels. Instead Google's Pixel 2 will feature big bezels, just like the existing models.

In an article for VentureBeat, renowned smartphone leaker Evan Blass shared a photo of what's allegedly the Google Pixel 2.

There is a major letdown, though - the tipster stated that the Pixel 2 lacks a headphone jack.

Ready for another round of rumors surrounding Google's upcoming Pixel successor? Both phone will go on sale in mid-autumn of the current year, though complete with Android OS 8.

READ NEXT:Apple Watch 3 could have "all-new form factor" As the rest of the industry moves to bezel-less displays, the Pixel 2 will retain its sizeable top and bottom bezels. That includes a real-life image of the smaller phone that leaked just last week. The 836 is said to come with a higher clock-speed configuration compared to the Snapdragon 835. This could mean the Pixel 2 will have front-firing stereo speakers, which would make for a richer multimedia experience.

Those who purchase any variant of Pixel and Pixel XL can also avail Daydream View headset free of cost. The larger Google Pixel XL is listed at $569 on Google Store under the Back to School program.

First, its shape is changed a bit from the original Pixel.