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Parisa Tabriz, an engineering director at Google, called the manifesto "harmful".

Women are also predisposed to being more agreeable and more neurotic, he claims. "Considering women spend more money than men and that salary represents how much the employees sacrifices (e.g. more hours, stress, and danger), we really need to rethink our stereotypes around power".

Google has been criticized by its diversity and inclusion initiatives. He also advocates for the removal of biased political training that's mandated for employees to go through. Google, Facebook, Microsoft and other tech companies now regularly release diversity reports, highlighting low percentages of women and minority employees, with few moving up the management chain. "While Google hasn't harbored the violent leftists protests that we're seeing at universities, the frequent shaming in TGIF and in our culture has created the same silence, psychologically unsafe environment".

Danielle Brown, Google's vice president for diversity and inclusion, sent a letter to employees Saturday saying the employee's memo "advanced incorrect assumptions about gender" and is "not a viewpoint that I or this company endorses, promotes or encourages", according to a copy of the statement published by Motherboard, which earlier reported on the employee's memo. "But that discourse needs to work alongside the principles of equal employment found in our code of conduct, policies, and anti-discrimination laws". Technically, if Google truly wanted to be pragmatic about increasing efficient, and only hired on the standard of intellectual merit, they would only hire in male Singaporean engineers and programmers, given that they have the highest I.Q., in the world and a world-class education, as noted by CNN.

The Labor Department in January sued Google for more compensation data as part of a routine audit into the company's pay practices, a probe that is possible because Google provides advertising and cloud services to the federal government. Google is trying to avoid this.

How Google's attempts to higher more women is in any way related to coal miner death rates is beyond me, but then I never was smart enough to work for Google anyway.

Yonatun Zunger, who was a Distinguished Engineer at Google until about one week ago, wrote in a Medium post that the memo's author, besides presenting an unsubstantiated case for the biological differences between genders, misunderstands what it means to be an engineer.

"Essentially, engineering is all about co-operation, collaboration, and empathy for both your colleagues and your customers".

At least, in theory, Google has made significant efforts to increase the diversity of its personnel and to reduce gender inequality when it comes to leading positions and wages.