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Mr. Le Bouthillier said most of the soldiers will return to base once the camp is set up.

Nearly 100 troops will be used to set up the camp site, which will consist of "modular tent shelters with lighting and heating and may temporarily accomodate close to 500 people", Department of National Defence spokesperson Evan Koronewski told CTV Montreal in an email.

Tents were assembled Wednesday by the Canadian military as temporary shelters to accommodate a surge in asylum seekers crossing into Quebec from the United States. "The Canadian Armed Forces will have no role in security matters", Mr. Le Bouthillier said in an email.

Francine Dupuis, who oversees a Quebec government-funded program that helps asylum seekers, said 2,620 people are now being housed in temporary accommodation in Montreal.

The camp is being built in anticipation of a large influx of asylum seekers from the US, said Stéphane Malépart, a spokesperson for Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Francine Dupuis, who oversees PRAIDA, the provincial organization that helps asylum seekers in their first months, said the building will accommodate an additional 320 people.

He said the wait is two to three days and there are now no beds, just benches and chairs.

The city's old Royal Victoria Hospital, which closed in 2015, will also be opened up to new arrivals.

More than 50,000 people who were affected by Haiti's 2010 natural disaster have been living in the United States under "temporary protected status" for seven years. Canada said last week it planned to house some migrants in Montreal's Olympic Stadium.

It was granted after the 2010 quake, but now the Department of Homeland Security considers Haiti to be a safe country.

Haitian Foreign Minister Antonio Rodrigue, on a visit to Montreal along with the minister for Haitians living overseas Stephanie Auguste, said that he came to "learn the needs. of the thousands of our compatriots here in Canada".

The Haitian government sent two representatives to Montreal in light of the situation.

Members of the Canadian armed forces raise a tent to house asylum seekers at the Canada-United States border in Lacolle, Que.