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"Now I always will want to see another one".

Cities like Austin, Texas; Dallas; Little Rock, Arkansas; Indianapolis; Toledo, Cleveland and Akron, Ohio; Buffalo and Rochester, New York; Montpelier, Vermont; and Montreal will be directly in the path of totality. Here's looking forward to the next Great American Eclipse.

This composite image of eleven pictures shows the progression of a total solar eclipse in Madras, Ore., on Monday.

When the moon passes through the Earth's shadow and the Earth is between the sun and the moon we see a lunar eclipse from Earth.

After visiting store after store that had sold their last pair of eclipse glasses days ago, we were simply given two pairs for free from a clerk at a gas station as a gesture to promote Oak Grove, Kentucky, a neighboring town that, even though it, too, is in the path of totality, missed out on the hoopla just because it exists a few miles to the south.

And it didn't stop there. "I remember seeing the last solar eclipse when I was my daughter's age, so I took the day off of work so that we could all view the eclipse together", Kaczmarczyk said. However, as with most photographers the day of changed my mind and of course I wanted to try and capture the eclipse, or at least the essence of the eclipse as it was happening.

The biggest, most awaited celestial event of 2017 - the total solar eclipse was definitely a sight to behold. As one live news commentator in SC observed about the crowds just after the event, "Everyone was like, wo!"

Wanda Spruill of Leicester recalled watching the 1979 eclipse through a pinhole projector.

It was tricky to do but I was able to take several photos of the eclipse with my iPhone.

"I was planning to just watch it at home on my deck", she said. Often this line of totality is in locations uninhabited and very hard to reach. There was a perceptible feeling of jubilation among the random gathering.

The moon's shadow traveled from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States with only a narrow zone - called the path of totality - experiencing the total solar eclipse.

A five-year-old watching the Batavia's 2024 eclipse will be a sprightly 125 when it happens again - October 26, 2144. The site was fantastic - with the sun's corona reaching out as far as the eclipsed sun was wide. So he propped some binoculars their grandpa gave them with the large side angled towards the sun.

Despite the practical application of the eclipse to the physics world, however, Christensen also said that the beauty of the eclipse alone makes a trip to view totality worth it.

"We just thought it would be a good idea to have somebody up here to answer questions, talk to people about the eclipse and talk about what NASA's programs are, where we're going and what we're doing", he said.

I've always been fascinated by such events that happen in space, as well as chronobiology, a field within biology that examines and studies phenomena in living organisms and how solar, lunar, and other related rhythms affect our physiology.