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The program offers flexible financing options that are created to help people take advantage of Microsoft's Surface lineup of PCs.

Microsoft this week unveiled two leasing programs for its various Surface devices - one for students and one for SMBs - that both have plenty of fine print to consider.

Essentially, you'll be able to pay for your next Surface purchase in installments, spread over at least 24 months.

Described by Liz Hamren, corporate vice president of device marketing at Microsoft, in the launch announcement as 'flexible financing options created to help more people and businesses take advantage of the power of Surface, ' the new programme is effectively the combination of zero-percent financing and an 18 month upgrade cycle. The main thing is the hardware you're intending to swap must be in "good condition".

Presently, both the Surface Plus and Surface Plus for Business programmes are U.S. exclusives.

Surface Plus for Business likewise helps small and medium-sized businesses add multiple devices of different types to a single agreement, including even the 55-inch Surface Hub. Microsoft's announcement seemed to imply that the plan includes "Microsoft Complete for Business", a warranty program, but it may just be an option.

Surface Plus also gives you access to service and support, including a training session, at Microsoft Stores and the option to add the Microsoft Complete extended service plan. Contracts for 24 months will allow businesses to upgrade their devices at 12 months, while contracts for 30 months will allow upgrades at 18 months. As long as you have been making regular payments and haven't fallen behind, you will be eligible to upgrade to a brand-new device after 18 months.

The monthly cost will no doubt depend on the cost of the particular device the customer wants, plus the interest rate they end up getting. In the example cited above, the consumer will have paid $599.22 to use the Surface Pro for 18 months. Buyers also get service and support at microsoft Stores and a 30-day return policy.

Stay up to date with the latest technology with the option to upgrade to a new Surface every 18 months.