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"Anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position and the President didn't want to burden General Kelly with that line of succession". To be fair, there was never anything wrong his suits - much to the contrary, actually - it's what he chose to put on his face that's the problem: aviators. First he gets into the whole situation, mocking Scaramucci for being sacked just 10 days into getting the job. "We as a nation love that you're not P.C. [politically correct] and, or fake".

Explaining that the Trump administration was keen to instead install someone who would last a little longer, he joked that "they announced the new White House Communications Director Emanual Fruit Fly". In other words, he made it very clear that he was happy to do the bidding of social conservatives, a demographic obsessed with the private lives of other people, thereby opening up his own private life to similar scrutiny. He added that he felt the president "grabbed me by the (bleep)", harking back to language used in Trump's "locker room talk" tapes that also had to be censored on television.

Meet Trumpy Bear and Scaramucci Poochie.

"Guo Wengui has on record revealed that HNA is a Chinese infiltration scheme operated by the Chinese intelligence organizations directly reporting to Wang Qishan, financed by state owned banks, with the singular objective of buying American strategic assets, senior government officials and politicians", according to Hoover Fellow and Geostrategy-Direct.com contributing editor Maochun Yu.

The reported $180-million deal price valued SkyBridge at 7.2 times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, Scaramucci told Bloomberg in that same Jan. 27 article. No, not really. It's just some guy who sort of sounds like him and cusses a lot. On the day his son was born, Mr. Scaramucci, 53, traveled aboard Air Force One with Mr. Trump, and then watched as the president delivered a politically charged speech to thousands of Boy Scouts in West Virginia. Noah lamented that he "just bought the Scaramucci 2017 jersey" and that he hadn't "even finished my Scaramucci tattoo".

"Evidently 'no chaos' wasn't bragging, it was complaining", Colbert said. He decided to endorse Scott Walker, for the ten minutes in which Walker was a frontrunner.

Booting Priebus makes some sense, Noah said.

The host then offered a farewell song to the former aide, saying, "Anthony Scaramucci, we hardly knew-chi". And now I've gone and thrown it all away. There may be a future for the Mooch in this figuring. This time, he changed the lyrics to "Mama, I just got canned". All the while, he had been loudly badmouthing Trump, his eventual favorite.