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In the aftermath of the O'Reilly debacle, co-host of "The Specialists", Eric Bolling, was the subject of a #Huffington Post article over the weekend that claimed the Fox News personality had sent unsolicited sexual photos of himself to female co-workers.

The 54-year-old host is now under investigation after HuffPost reported on Friday (August 4) that Eric had sent unsolicited photo of male genitalia to at least two coworkers at Fox Business and one at colleague at Fox News.

Fox News are said to be investigating the allegations against Mr Bolling, who has worked at the network since 2007.

Fox News' late founding CEO Roger Ailes stepped down a year ago amid a series of sexual harassment allegations.

Fox Business host Charles Payne is also now under suspension pending an investigation he sexually harassed a female political analyst who was a frequent guest on the network. One of the women asked to never be sent another image of that kind again, to which she received no response.

As news of the allegations against Bolling broke, Fox News took Bolling off the air and removed his name from some of their promotional materials. "Thank you", Bolling wrote.

When the initial reports surfaced, Bolling said, through an attorney, he recalled "no such inappropriate communications, does not believe he sent any such communications, and will vigorously pursue his legal remedies for any false and defamatory accusations that are made".

Others at Fox News later came forward with similar claims, and Ailes left the company on July 21, 2016.

A host on Fox Business, Charles Payne, was suspended last month amid a harassment investigation. He said he wanted to fly me out to NY for in-studio hits and to have "fun".

Eric Bolling attends Fox News' "The Five" on February 26, 2014, in New York City. It was replaced Saturday by a live half hour of news.

"There are a lot of great people working at Fox, many of whom I admire and respect to this day, but there is also a culture of sexual harassment that has not fully been addressed", said Heldman.

In 2010, I consoled a make-up artist (who no longer works for Fox) after Gene Simmons sexually harassed her, and this was not his first time doing so.

Bolling is a co-host of "The Specialists", a panel program that airs every weekday at 5 p.m.

The backlash came down so hard on O'Reilly that Fox News was forced to pull the plug and fire one of their most popular names over the last two decades.