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Fixed issues with the launcher of the Windows Defender Application Guard (WDAG) where it was giving errors and/or was displaying only part of the application after the launch. Microsoft will also be soon releasing a tool that will help testers apply this new colour scheme and a selection of alternative colour schemes to the Windows Console.

Keeping its promise of empowering "every person and organisation to achieve more", Microsoft has added eye-tracking capabilities into the latest insider build of Windows 10. Once setup is complete, a launchpad will appear on the screen where users can access the mouse, keyboard, text-to-speech feature. However, a compatible eye tracker is a must-have for this feature to work. Shape writing would speed up typing by simply looking at the first and last letter of a word.

Thanks to Eye Control, Windows 10 users will use eye-tracking hardware such as Tobii 4C to perform actions that would normally require a keyboard and a mouse.

Eye Control: This is the most notable and exciting new feature that allows users to control Windows 10 with their eyes through the on-screen mouse, keyboard, and the text-to speech facility.

Eye Control is still in beta, but it's been developed over a three-year period since the 2014 One Week hackathon, when former National Football League player Steve Gleason, affected with ALS, challenged Microsoft's creative team to create a useful product that could be used by ALS sufferers. It will also feature predictive text. There are also some included fixes for closing tabs when in full screen mode, copying images and tab ordering.

Build 16257 of Windows 10 brings along several new features and improvements. Microsoft says the change has been made to ensure that darker colors look better on modern monitors, and just to give the console a more contemporary look all-round. In the more than two decades since their introduction, though, these colours have remained unchanged - and that, Microsoft intern Craig Loewen argues, has been a thorn in everyone's side.

Microsoft got the idea of embedding eye-tracking capabilities into Windows 10 from its first employee hackathon - One Week - in 2014.

As for input improvements, the touch keyboard now launches faster from the taskbar.

As always, make sure you check the known issues for PC on the official Windows Blog before you run the update.