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Current Apple Watch in the market must be connected to an iPhone wirelessly to send messages, download directions, stream music, and do most of the other stuff.

Battery life is going to be a huge task for the Apple Watch Series 3 wearable as most smartwatches are not equipped with large cells to deliver extended screen-on time for the user.

It's not clear yet how a cellular plan would work with a cellular Apple Watch. Well, at least until the initial setup is done.

Intel is said to be providing the LTE chips, and the untethering from the iPhone would nearly certainly help to boost Apple Watch sales.

Intel declined to remark, while Apple did not instantly react to a demand for input.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is already in talks with key partners to build and release a Smartwatch with inbuilt LTE before the end of this year. Carrier support would be limited at launch, though the four major U.S. carriers are all said to plan to sell the new Watch.

One wonders whether Apple will make do with an inbuilt SIM card, rather than allowing end-users to insert any SIM they choose (as appears to be the case with Huawei's Watch 2), or whether there is space for both an inbuilt-SIM and a user-insertable model. Apple, Intel and the carriers declined to comment. Bloomberg's report revealed that Apple had to delay a similarly equipped wearable past year. We are just speculating here since, for all we know, Apple could even release a new Apple Watch next to every iPhone from here on out.

Bloomberg reports that making the Apple Watch more of a standalone device may boost sales of the product.

The updated watch is likely to be announced in SeptemberŲŒ alongside new iPhones.

Apple last refreshed its Apple Watch range in September 2016, when it added Global Positioning System and waterproofing.

However, it is not very certain to what extent Apple will change the design.

In fact, finding a battery small enough that can last long enough is exactly why Apple hasn't released an LTE Apple Watch in the past, but the company is trying to overcome that hurdle as we speak, Bloomberg noted.

Bloomberg's report indicates the new model will be called Apple Watch Series 3.