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Check out a trailer for the Summer Games down below, as well as new screenshots.

That's not all you can get back to dressing up the Overwatch heroes, with Widowmaker slipping into something a little more comfortable, Soldier 76 embracing the heat and taking over cooking duties in true Dad 76 style, Sombra going snorkeling and McCree donning his lifeguard gear (his lanyard says "HIGH TIDE"). Some of these goodies are news, while some are returning from last year's Summer Games, in case you missed them.

Last year's Summer Games skins will be sold at a discount, with Legendary Skins to cost 1,000 credits, Epic Skins to cost 250 credits, and Rare Skins to cost 75 credits. The emote features Ana playing on the beach with a ball.

The gallery you see below previews the new and returning skins for Overwatch's Summer Games.

The previous skin teasers from game director Jeff Kaplan were all confirmed with the exception of Reaper, whom Kaplan didn't mention in the past video.

This year, we're celebrating the spirit of competition with a new Lúcioball arena, leaderboards, and competitive play.

As an added bonus, the old skins introduced a year ago will be available at a slightly cheaper price.

According to Blizzard, Copa Lucioball will allow players to place and rank for the duration of the event. A major draw of this event will nearly certainly be Lucioball, which is unquestionably one of the most enjoyable event modes ever to be released for Overwatch.