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A source told ESPN that the planes the Patriots purchased have extended range. One of the planes will be used as the main plane, while the second plane will be used as a backup, ESPN said.

According to ESPN.com's Darren Rovell, the Patriots bought a pair of 767 Boeing aircrafts.

The Patriots used to travel the same way as every other National Football League team, by flying via charter planes owned by other airline companies.

Depending on their condition, ESPN said the jets could cost around $10 million each. The only problem we see here with the design is this: Where is the team going to fit in a sixth Lombardi trophy on the tail wing?

Well, according to Rovell, NFL teams haven't really considered buying their own planes, as the maximum amount of road games a team could play is just 12, including the Super Bowl.

This has caused National Football League teams to go with charter airlines driving up the costs.

The Patriots have apparently decided that figuratively owning the Jets isn't enough for them. Sources with knowledge of the deals teams have done with charter companies say the 10 round trip flights per season can cost up to $4 million. The planes reportedly come equipped with first-class seating throughout.

The Patriots will allow for the planes to be rented when they are not in use by the team. It is not known how aggressively the team will seek to make up some of its costs by advertising their availability.