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Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL will get the Android 8 update as soon as it is available. the phone is now running on the latest android system and when Android Oreo will be out then these phones will get the update. What it feels like to use Android can vary wildly between devices, since in addition to running different software versions, many include unique interfaces and features. Moreover, the Android 8.0 Oreo was confirmed to be flashed onto: Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel (TMO, Sprint, Project Fi, Telstra, Rogers, USCC), Pixel XL (TMO, Sprint, Project Fi, Telstra, Rogers, USCC), Pixel and Pixel XL (other carriers). This method, however, has been put on hold by Google as there are apparently some issues, but it never hurts to try if the installation of the operating system upgrade proceeds.

Now that Google has made Oreos the favorite cookie among Android users, the big question is whether your Android phone is going to be a recipient of the new Android OS build.

That timeline does not really say much, but this was the same word used by Google a year ago with the launch of Android 7.0 Nougat, the final version of which was rolled out a few weeks after the last beta was sent to developers.

On the left is the pre-Android O install screen for a potentially harmful app masquerading as a system update. If your device has been a part of the Android O public beta program then you might have already got the final Oreo update. However, it will be the last update for the 2016 OnePlus phones, as they will not be updated to Android P when it launches in 2019, the company has said. In addition to the Nokia 8, the Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3 will also get Android Oreo.

The company is yet to announce the official list of Samsung Galaxy smartphones that will be getting the Oreo update. Moreover, HTC will launch HTC U11 later this year and we can expect that the phone will come with Android Oreo operating system.

What's special about Android Oreo?

Here are 7 reasons why probably you will get never get to taste the Oreo.

For example, some of your group chats in a messaging app might have permission to buzz and light up your phone, while others just display a silent alert.