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Russian military aircraft flew over the Capitol, the Pentagon, White house and other residences of the President of the United States, as well as government bunker under Washington in the course agreed with the American side of the flight under the Treaty on open skies.

The Russian spy plane, Tupolev Tu-154M, flew near the golf resort at 4,000 feet, and then climbed to 5,000 feet before flying into NY airspace, two USA defense officials told Fox News. According to the treaty guidelinesŲŒ USA airmen are aboard the Russian jet observing when an Open Skies flight occurs. The flight path of the jet suggests the Russians might have had Trump in mind during their reconnaissance mission.

The agreement allows signatory nations to fly unarmed surveillance aircraft over each other's territory and take aerial imagery.

Wright-Patterson is headquarters of the National Air and Space Intelligence Center, which has a film developing facility set up for Open Skies missions.

'As per the treaty, we can not confirm any locations until after the mission is over.

United States Air Force personnel were on the flight and the aircraft is capable of a variety of intelligence gathering, one of the people said.

The Pentagon says that before the flights, each state is given the flight plan of the mission and an escort team flies aboard the aircraft to make sure it complies with the treaty.

Nations must give 72 hours notice before arriving to carry out flights and any pictures taken are shared with all treaty members.

"Any violation of the Russian airspace was prevented", the ministry said.

Russia's Aerospace Force had every right to perform an observation flight over Washington under the terms of the Open Skies Treaty, an official of the Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency said.

"The treaty is created to enhance mutual understanding and confidence by giving all participants, regardless of size, a direct role in gathering information through aerial imaging on military forces and activities of concern to them", the State Department said, per CNN.