The TV appearances will be the first for Scaramucci since his stint in the White House came to an abrupt end just 10 days into the job.

Stephen Colbert announced via Twitter that Anthony Scaramucci will appear on Monday's edition of "The Late Show" on CBS.

"The Mooch!" Colbert said.

Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci, who was sacked from his job as White House Communications Director after only 10 days on the job, will be interviewed by George Stephanopoulos on ABC's THIS WEEK on Sunday, August 13th.

This will mark Scaramucci's first televised interviews since leaving his Washington DC gig. "We set out a Mooch trap", the late-night host joked on his show Wednesday. I'm gonna ask about what it's like inside there. We'll do some front-stabbing.

During Scaramucci's short tenure as communications director, Colbert said he looked like "a lawyer whose ad is above the urinal" and the political equivalent of "adding Scrappy-Doo or Chachi to Happy Days". "It will be a lot of fun".

The booking is a big win for Colbert.

The Mooch also accused reporter Lizza of recording his now infamous New Yorker interview without his permission.