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In her deposition a year ago, Swift described the incident in detail, explaining how in 2013 the Denver disc jockey allegedly reached his hand up her skirt and groped her backstage at her concert at the Pepsi Centre in Denver.

Mueller was sacked from his job at a country music station after Taylor's team told his boss that Mueller grabbed her buttock during a meet-and-greet before a 2013 Swift concert in Denver.

While Mueller said in depositions that his damages amount to some $3 million, Swift wants compensatory, actual and punitive damages in an amount to be proven at trial, but also a verdict that holds Mueller responsible for the alleged assault.

According to a report by #Usa Today, despite the fact that Swift did not call the police until several years after the incident the case has made it to trial.

Prospective jurors in a civil trial involving dueling lawsuits between Taylor Swift and an ex-Denver radio disc jockey are being asked whether they are fans of the singer-songwriter or the former host of a country music show.

Swift tried to keep the situation "discreet and quiet and confidential" and was upset by Mueller's claim that "for some reason she might have some incentive to actually fabricate this story", her attorney, Douglas Baldridge, has argued in court.

"It's impossible for me to pick one specific moment that it was happening because it happened in a series of moments, so one of the moments when it was happening, in progress, was the moment we were posing for the photo and when the photo was being taken, but that was not the only moment that he was grabbing my a**", she alleged. "It was not an accident. I've never been so sure of anything in my life".

Mueller was sacked on June 4th, 2013 after Swift's team gave the photo to the radio station. "This event caused her extreme anxiety because she did not know that Mueller, or anyone else, would grope her private and intimate body part, during an event to which she opened access to her fans and radio personnel as a show of her appreciation", the lawsuit says.

Mueller is also expected to testify, along with Mueller's former boss and members of Swift's entourage.

Ex-DJ David Mueller already has been sanctioned for destroying evidence.

Mueller claims he was later confronted by one of Swift's security guards over the allegation and told the man he should call the police. Following Mueller's attempt to blame his superior at KYGO, a man named Eddie Haskell, documents from Swift's counter suit were emphatic that there was no doubt over who the guilty party was.

After the photo, Mueller says Swift shook his hand and hugged Melcher, thanking them both for visiting. TMZ published the photo in question last November. He went to his vehicle to drop off an autographed photo then returned to the arena, where he was confronted by Swift's security guard. All three are smiling.