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Quite the opposite. Based on financial records obtained by the Post and the Wall Street Journal, the Trump Organization was expecting a $2.1 million loss during the first 4 months of the year; instead it recorded about $18 million in revenue and made a $1.97 million profit. Before Donald Trump won the presidential election a year ago, the Trump Organization estimated the hotel would lose money in 2017 as it invested in growing its start-up hotel and convention business. The most recent legal challenge to Trump's ownership of the property, filed by the watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in a NY district court on August 4, claimed that "no previous president has come to office with such disregard for conflicts-of-interest principles, or presented remotely the same risk of financial entanglement, foreign and domestic". Since the his swearing in, the president's second property along Pennsylvania Avenue has hosted foreign lobbyists, banking executives, and others attracted to the luxury brand created by the President of the United States. He has twice been to the Pennsylvania Avenue hotel to have dinner, appearances that critics say amount to promotional displays.

The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington alleged in January that Trump was violating the hotel's lease by not divesting from his company.

The Trump International Hotel also outperformed its expected food and beverage revenue by 37 percent, according to the Journal. Those gains easily outweighed underperformance by the hotel's retail, parking and Spa by Ivanka Trump, which all failed to meet the company's expectations.

Trump denied there are any ethical issues, though the hotel has become a hot spot for Trump operatives, White House staffers, lobbyists and foreign governments.

The Trump International's performance to date comes despite the fact that its rooms are more often empty than its competitors', meaning there is room to grow its profits.

Even though the hotel is rarely occupied, as in an average of 42% of rooms are unoccupied, its still managed to post an enormous profit.

Management is charging so much, however, that the hotel is doing just fine.

Analyst Michael Bellisario of Robert W. Baird & Co told the Post that rate is "three times the average rate". "So some people really want to stay there, and then there's a bunch of people who don't".