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Video from the space station, narrated by Whitson, showed the shadow of the moon clearly visible on the Earth's surface.

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Starting off the coast of OR and leaving U.S. shores in SC, the celestial phenomenon enveloped 14 states in complete darkness for about two minutes, and left many others partially veiled.

Part of the total solar eclipse's mystique is its ability to remind you how small you are and how massive the universe is. With six crew members on board, the ISS transits the sun at roughly five miles a second during the eclipse.

Today is one those rare times when even astronauts would prefer to be on Earth rather than in space.

A NASA photographer is the person to thank for some of the most stunning images yet coming out of Monday's solar eclipse. You can buy special dark glasses made specifically for looking at eclipses, but you can also use a pinhole cut in a piece of card or paper to project the eclipse onto another piece of paper.

Fortunately, there's a space agency for that.

Relive the experience below with some of the best pictures captured by NASA.

The crew on the Expedition 52 were not in the eclipse's path of totality, but got to see a partial view of the solar eclipse three times as they orbited.