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"And this time, the council has matched its words and actions", she said. The goal of the sanctions is to target North Korea's finances by banning the export or its primary goods - including seafood, lead, iron, iron ore, lead ore, and coal.

The sanctions also freeze the number of work authorizations for North Korean labourers working overseas, blacklist nine individuals and impose asset freezes on four companies.

It follows North Korea's first successful tests of intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of reaching the United States last month. The second, experts said, showed the potential to reach the US mainland.

The unanimous adoption of Resolution 2371 by the council on Saturday demonstrates that the global community is united in its position regarding the nuclear issue of the Korean Peninsula, Liu told the Security Council after the voting of the sanctions.

The resolution expresses regret at North Korea's "massive diversion of its scarce resources toward its development of nuclear weapons and a number of expensive ballistic missile programs" - a point stressed by Haley.

While stressing that the situation of the Korean Peninsula is now getting close to the critical point of crisis, the Chinese minister said it is also at a turning point to make a decision to resume peace talks.

"The North Korean threat has not left us". Not only have there been loopholes in the past that traders and businesses have exploited, but implementation and enforcement of sanctions have been spotty. But he also called on the United States and South Korea to 'stop raising tensions on the Korean Peninsula, ' in apparent reference to the systematic military means deployment in the region and attempts to block Pyongyang economically and diplomatically. "It is rapidly growing more unsafe", Haley said.

Tillerson also said the United States wants to talk eventually with North Korea but thinks discussions would not be productive if the Pyongyang comes with the intention of maintaining its nuclear weapons. And the last thing they're going to yield on is their deterrence capability.

Trump's willingness to go to war with North Korea was mentioned by Sen.

The China-Russia initiative, which aims at tackling both the symptoms and the root causes of the problem and seeks a solution through an integrated approach, is realistic and feasible, he said, expressing the hope that the initiative would get the support of the relevant parties. "He will continue working with allies and partners to increase diplomatic and economic pressure on North Korea to end its threatening and destabilizing behavior". Beijing views the US missile shield as a threat to its own security. The U.S. could do more on its own to develop a relationship with North Korea, she said. Tillerson has no plans to sit down with North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong Ho at the event.

The latest resolution is the eighth adopted by the Security Council since 2006 in response to North Korea's five nuclear tests and long-range missile launches.