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For some retailers, it was actually the fastest Xbox to sell out - ever. It was initially unveiled in June, and it went on pre-order worldwide last Sunday night. Now we have some visibility on the how those pre-order numbers look for Microsoft.

Not only does paring down to just two models make it simpler for consumers, but we can also see the first-wave Xbox One being too redundant for Microsoft to bother keeping in stock.

According to Microsoft, the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is the most pre-ordered Xbox console within its first five days.

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Side

There's 12GB GDDR5 of graphic memory, adding speed and power to game performance to "enable bigger worlds, further horizons, and quicker load times", says XBOX.

Microsoft's upcoming console appears to be off to a strong start, as Xbox One X has set a new preorder record for the company. Everyone who pre-ordered an Xbox One X in this first phase gets the Project Scorpio Edition, which is what's now sold out.

The Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition lauches November 7th worldwide for $500 Dollars.