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To be fair, it seems some of CeX's customers don't seem that bothered about the breach.

It went on: "Clearly, however, additional measures were required to prevent such a sophisticated breach occurring and we have therefore employed a cyber security specialist to review our processes".

The retailer revealed that two million customer details had leaked in a massive data breach - in an email sent to users of its WeBuy.com website.

In terms of financial data, the retailer assures customers that it has not stored credit and debit card information since 2009, meaning that any financial information still on its system will be in the form of expired card details.

Encrypted card details were also likely to have been taken - although Cex stopped storing cards eight years ago.

Data breaches have affected a number of online retailers in the past and they could be subject to larger fines in the future once the EU's GDPR legislation comes into force in 2018. It's now unclear precisely what data has been shared about specific customers, but the company is contacting up to 2 million people "as a precaution".

CeX said it was working with relevant authorities and law enforcement with their investigation of the cyberattack.

'As such, as a precautionary measure, we advise customers to change their password across other services where they may have re-used their WeBuy website password'.

Only online customers are affected, not those who signed up for a membership card in store.

CeX has over 350 stores in the United Kingdom and over a hundred more overseas. There is also a select number of stores in the US.

'Together we have implemented additional advanced measures of security to prevent this from happening again'. "We ceased storing customer card details in 2009". Being proactive in the matter, CEX says that if you haven't received an email from them specifically talking about recommended steps, then your account is safe.