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Ant Financial has offered its facial recognition technology for four years in other services based on the online payment service Alipay.

The system, dubbed "Smile to Pay", has gone into testing at KPRO, a KFC concept outlet in the coastal city of Hangzhou that serves salads, paninis and fresh juice instead of KFC's traditional deep-fried chicken.

Alipay will offer loss coverage in the event of theft of a customer's Smile to Pay account, Ant Financial said.

Ant Financial's Alipay service is the largest mobile payment service in China, processing an unbelievable $1.7 trillion in payments in 2016.

At the restaurant, customers place their order by scrolling through a menu on a large touchscreen before looking at a 3D camera and then entering their mobile phone number to authenticate payment.

It's now only available at this one restaurant, but Alipay does plan to expand its use in feature.

It takes just two seconds for a machine to identify a person, analyzing more than 600 facial features to match them with the photo ID stored on the Alipay system. We may not be able to see such features in other nations of the world as well.

This shows that China is going ahead with facial recognition technology that can be used for business transactions, a step that so far companies in the U.S. has fully explored. KFC's KPRO is the first restaurant to use the "Smile to Pay" system designed by Ant Financial Services Group, an Alibaba Group affiliate.

That might be in part because USA laws are much stricter when it comes to the use of biometrics as a form of identification.

Last January this technology was again presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Let us know down below.