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The bill forbids local and state law enforcement officers from carrying out practices such as asking about someone's immigration status, handing a person over to federal immigration authorities if there's no warrant or establishment of probable cause and disclosing personal information about someone if it isn't already public information, according to the most recent bill analysis.

The legislative deal was announced the same day that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said he's filing a lawsuit over the Trump administration's decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects young immigrants living in the USA illegally from deportation.

The Assembly and Senate must approve the measure by Friday or delay action until next year.

Kevin de Leon, the most far-reaching of its kind in the country, would limit state and local law enforcement communication with federal immigration authorities, and prevent officers from questioning and holding people on immigration violations. The state has limited the ability of police to detain immigrants for federal deportation agents since 2014, and requires jailers to inform inmates if agents are trying to detain immigrants.

However, jail officers are allowed to assist federal agencies if an undocumented individual has been convicted of certain crimes.

Passage of what has been called a "sanctuary state" bill comes amid President Trump's focus on increasing deportations and limiting future immigration.

Brown has backed the bill and is expected to sign it into law, despite the Trump Administration rejection of sanctuary cities and states.

In arguing against the measure, Republicans in the Assembly invoked the 2015 shooting of Kate Steinle by an undocumented immigrant in San Francisco, arguing that sanctuary protections make communities less safe.

"President Trump's blatant disregard for the tradition of releasing tax returns is unsafe to our democracy", said California State Sen.

Both bills would also make it illegal for anyone to dump cigar or cigarettes at state beaches or parks. "It's going to protect the criminal at the expense of the law abiding citizen".

But immigrant rights groups did not withdraw their support for the bill and also won some concessions.

California's Democratic political leaders have positioned the nation's largest state as a foil to Trump and his administration.