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Though Trevathan admitted the strength with which he hit the immobilized Adams was unnecessary. His mouthpiece flew out of his mouth.

Adams was left motionless on the field as Bears and Packers pushed and shoved around him.

Referee John Hussey issued a 15-yard penalty for what he called a "hit to the head". He lowered his helmet and hit Parker's face mask with the top of his head. We play a physical game. Trevathan also defended himself saying it wasn't a dirty hit because he's not a dirty player.

"I trust when Danny said he wasn't intentionally trying to hit him like that", Rodgers said. "I immediately dropped down and started praying". Ultimately Trevathan will likely get popped for at least a game or two, a punishment based on public relations, not his actions.

Adams offered an encouraging update on his twitter account moments ago. I'm sorry about that. If those talks indeed take place next spring, Trevathan's hit will nearly certainly be at the center of the discussions. We don't go by these new, and very much softer, National Football League rules. You make a cheap shot then celebrate when the guy goes down. He was one of many Packers players who were jawing with Trevathan and other Bears after the play. "That's the kind of message I was conveying". "It wasn't intentional. I was just trying to hustle to the ball and do my job", Trevathan said, per Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune.

Even though Trevathan has not been suspended before, there is still a chance that he could be facing a punishment from the league.

"I don't think it should be a suspension, but my main concern is that he's okay", Trevathan said. "It was a flag". "They had that last week, I watched for a couple of minutes". His first tweet read "That hit was legal to me, Period".

"I realized it once he laid there for a while", the linebacker said after his team's 35-14 loss.

Hits such as this one have been ruled illegal in football for a reason; Adams is lucky to have feeling in his extremities, let alone live.

"It's really tough to see your team-mate not able to move".