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To the 61 increase in the number of victims of the quake that occurred yesterday near the coast of Mexico.

The 8.2-magnitude quake, which hit the nation's Pacific Coast late on Thursday, was felt by about 50 million people across the country. Smaller waves were observed in several other locations.

The devastation comes as at least 14 people have been killed by Hurricane Irma in the Gulf of Mexico. People are feared to be trapped under the rubble.

Operation USA has ties to Mexico, having worked there in the wake of previous disasters, including the major 1985 quake and most recently following major flooding in 2013.

With rescue workers still searching for survivors, the death toll could continue to rise, officials warned.

Speaking about the crisis, Mayor Gloria Sanchez said, "The situation is Juchitán is critical; this is the most bad moment in its history".

Death toll rises to 27 after Mexico hit by natural disaster

Eduardo Mendoza, the senior program manager for Direct Relief, told ABC News that the town of Juchitan in Oaxaca state "was completely leveled".

The Mexican President visited the town on Friday.

Authorities said they were evacuating residents in Puerto Madero in Chiapas as a precaution due to the tsunami alert, the AP reported. The quake, which was the strongest in a century, was felt 450 miles away in Mexico City, where buildings were damaged. A massive 8.1-magnitu. Guest of an hotel stand and sit at the lobby after an natural disaster shook buildings forcefully and knocked out power in the area. It also triggered a tsunami warning and the evacuation of thousands of people in coastal communities in Chiapas.

Peña Nieto said at least 200 people were injured and some 260 aftershocks rocked the region.

In neighboring Guatemala, President Jimmy Morales spoke on national television to call for calm while emergency crews checked for damage.