KXIP vs KKR Live Score

This is despite the fact that the game has not yet been released on PC, which is scheduled for 24 October, and so only counts for players on Xbox One and PS4. Destiny 2's overall launch sales have been reported to be 60% below that of the original Destiny in the United Kingdom charts, but it's obvious quite a few people have gone the digital route this time around, and the United Kingdom charts only count physical copies sold.

Bungie has announced that their latest game Destiny 2 has had over 1.2 million concurrent players in its first week. Still, few could deny the impressive nature of this figure, especially with a release limited to consoles.

For starters, Destiny 1 initially launched on a September 9, 2014, which was a Tuesday, while Destiny 2 launched on September 6, 2017, which happened to be a Wednesday. We also know the roadmap for the first month after release, including nightfalls, raids and the return of ol' dear Xur. Why are Bungie restricting this? This version of the game will cost $99.99 and will come with the base version of the game along with an Expansion Pass and a collection of premium content.

Destiny 2's clan feature just went live at the end of last week, and with that Bungie has implemented a strong social component to their grindy shooter.