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"It might have a small disruption but I think people are still going to be hitting the road", said Dehaan.

The Valero was selling regular gas at $2.59 a gallon Friday.

National auto group AAA expects to see the price at the pump statewide rise a minimum of 5 to 15 cents, reaching the highest seasonal prices since 2014.

"The price was $2.49 a gallon only a couple of days ago", said Tim Buruta, who also said the prices in his hometown of Germantown were comparable to Hudson.

William Daley, of Livingston, who was pumping gas at the Speedway, said he noticed the jump in prices.

Experts are predicting this could be the busiest Labor Day travel weekend since 2008.

"By Labor Day, the national average will likely be $2.60 per gallon", Mac said.

"It seems like when things happens in the world, boom, instantly that's where they shoot, right to the pumps", said Joel Mather.

For several days, San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg, Governor Greg Abbott, and many other state and local leaders have reassured the public that there is no gas shortage, just a sudden supply and demand issue with so many people trying to fill up at once.

"Refineries in the Northeast are increasing their production levels to help with the squeeze of supply", she said.

According to Mac, gas prices historically begin to go down at this time of year. "Typically, Labor Day gas prices trend down, but this year because of Hurricane Harvey we're trending up". The rumor sent drivers flocking to gas stations, leaving many with plans scrambling to find fuel.

The natural disaster's domino effect forced the closure of the Columbia Pipeline - the country's major oil line - and several gasoline refineries, but the Upper Midwest is not expected to see price hikes as large as those in the South and Southeastern states and along the Atlantic Ocean seaboard, industry officials say.