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AI is one of the hot topics in technology these days with much debate on how we should proceed with the technology. The processor has been developed by Huawei under their HiSilicon brand.

According to a report by Android Authority, the first smartphone to come powered by Kirin 970 will be Huawei's Mate 10. ´╗┐Mobile AI = On-Device AI + Cloud AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) built into its new chips can help make phones more personalised, or anticipate the actions and interests of their users, Wu said.

Huawei aims to use artificial intelligence-powered features such as instant image recognition to take on rivals Samsung and Apple when it launches its new flagship phone next month, a top executive said on Saturday.

On-Device AI offers strong sensing capabilities that are the foundation of understanding and assisting people. The company also says that a chipset like the Kirin 970 will become more cognitive of user needs, providing truly personalized and readily accessible services.

Devices powered by the Kirin 970 will be able to truly know and understand their users, while supporting real-time image recognition, voice interaction, and intelligent photography easily, as the 10-nanometre mobile processor owns an 8-core CPU and 12-core graphics processor, delivering up to 25 times the performance with 50 times greater efficiency in comparison to a quad-core Cortex-A73 CPU cluster. "This is the latest technology and it is the first chip to have a neural processing unit inside, which is 20 times faster than a central processing unit". The firm claims that its processor is capable of delivering 25 times faster performance with 50 times the power efficiency in comparison to Kirin 960. The company mentioned the Kirin 970 with NPU has processed 2,000 images per minute, compared to just 97 images using the CPU. At the ongoing IFA 2017, the third largest smartphone maker has unveiled its next-gen mobile processor dubbed Kirin 970 chipset.