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This recent soar in gas prices is caused by the devastation to the Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Harvey, which interrupted supplies to the East Coast.

If you haven't fuelled up your vehicle for the long weekend yet, get ready to pay: The cost of gas is climbing across Ontario, including here in Windsor.

McTeague said the United States has shut down five million barrels of gasoline production, due to Harvey and its flooding, which is more than twice Canadas refinery output.

By the end of day, that's exactly what happened, at least in Sudbury, with prices reaching $1.28.9 litre at many stations in the city.

On Wednesday, he added that another hike could be on the horizon for Friday - just as people hit the road for the Labour Day weekend.

Gas prices have gone up considerably in the past few days, and it's no coincidence, says Gas Buddy's senior petroleum analyst Dan McTeague.

In Canada, prices are also affected by a lack of competition among gasoline wholesalers and taxes, according to McTeague.

Thanks to gasoline inventories being pretty high across the nation, gas prices haven't seen any steep gas price increases. "We've already seen, of course, the higher prices associated with that disruption". "Maybe a week or maybe a month, but it seems unlikely to be a price change that will persist for some time", said Blackwell.

USA benchmark oil prices that fell below US$46 per barrel on Wednesday due to less demand from refineries have recovered to more than US$47 per barrel.

"There's definitely a couple factors at play here", said McTeague. "In Canada, we barely produce enough gasoline to meet our own needs".

There's also the prospect of a gas shortage, despite the fact that there are almost a quarter of a billion barrels of gasoline stockpiled in the United States.