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The devastation of Hurricane Harvey will reach beyond the human toll.

"I've noticed the boats in Houston are letting the animals in and people are carrying their animals around which was very different from Katrina", she said.

There is no more sure-fire way to make a tangible difference than getting out there on site and volunteering your time.

Rescued from the ravages of rising floodwaters, a faithful feline named John Cougar Mellencat, a cockatiel named Parrot and dozens of dogs destined for Dallas are now saved from Tropical Storm Harvey, cared for as families find their footing in storm shelters across the city.

Some folks from far away are even making efforts to foster, like one woman in New Jersey who transported 11 rescues from Texas to the east coast. The Humane Society plans to send down some of its staff along with a transport vehicle, but the CEO of the Capital Area Humane Society said they still have some things to map out.

"The most hard part of all of this is really not knowing how many animals we're going to get", Davies said.

Whether you live in Ohio, Toronto, California or beyond, there are animals that need assistance in your own community.

If you see an animal in stress, be cautious, and gauge its response by calling to it.

An image of a German shepherd mix named Otis has also been shared on social media, some calling it another symbol of Texan resiliency. Houston SPCA is the lead agency coordinating the rescue efforts, if you're interested in helping that way.

The phone calls for help have been nonstop, said Taylor Smith, general manager. Real lives are on the line! Update your microchip registrations and pet license information to ensure it's current and consider including the name and contact information of an out-of-area contact just in case you are unreachable in a disaster zone.

The HSUS Animal Rescue Team delivers supplies to people with pets who were affected by the hurricane.

As a result of the influx of animals due to Harvey, the surrenders and long-term stays at various shelters are being shipped to nearby states to free up space. The organization teamed up with Austin Pets Alive and set up drop-off points for donations across Lexington.

The Louisiana SPCA is preparing to take in animals rescued from the floodwaters inundating Houston. I think it's one more example of animals having a deep understanding.

A number of animals at the Tall Tails Kennel in Hankamer, Texas were rescued by Chambers County law enforcement, according to a Facebook post by the Sheriff's Office.